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Leading Teaching & Learning 2017-18

Dear Colleagues

Our vision for these programmes is to help schools to enhance leadership and management capacity in an education system which is witnessing rapid and complex changes.
These programmes will support leaders to develop the understanding and attitudes of mind required to be able to have a decisive impact on the quality of teaching and pupils’ achievement.

Both of these school leadership roles have central, guiding tenets, as they:

  • Can help shape senior leader decision-making by accessing, interpreting and distilling the best evidence available
  • Can help support and improve the quality of teaching and learning by contributing to CPD, or informing CPD in other ways, such as sharing useful tools
  • Can find solutions for school issues and, where appropriate, access external expertise, funding and develop partnerships, such as HEI links
  • Can help improve the implementation and evaluation of important school developments.

We know that working with you at the local school level to grow your own leadership, has been, and continues to be a successful approach at developing high quality, capable and skilled leaders.  We know that by creating a talent pool of effective leaders in North Lincolnshire will hopefully support the long term future leadership needs in our schools.

No fee - conditions apply (See programme information: Leading Learning / Research Lead)

Using evidence-based approaches, these one-year training programmes provide high quality, leadership development opportunities for strategic leaders who ultimately will have a decisive impact on the quality of teaching and pupils’ achievement across and between schools.

If you have a colleagues that would benefit from participating in these programmes please contact Michael Ogle directly via e-mail - or telephone - 01724 297226 or
07580 985319 for an informal discussion.

Or book directly using our website: