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National Professional Qualifications

FIND OUT about  the newly launched National Professional Qualifications (NPQ). The application windows for NPQH, NPQML and NPQSL to start in September 2018 will open again at the beginning of February.

Leading Learning Forward TSA, in association with The Humber Teaching School, is proud to announce the award of DfE accredited NPQ provider status for the newly reformed National Professional Qualifications (NPQ). 

From January 2018, LLF TSA with The Humber Teaching School will be providing annual programmed courses for the following qualifications:

Potential applicants should download the NPQML information leaflet (PDF) and NPQML application form 2017-18 (MS Word) here.

The NPQSL information leaflet (PDF) and NPQSL application form 2017-18 (MS Word) here.

From September 2018, LLF TSA with The Humber Teaching School will also be providing an annual programmed course for:

The application window for NPQH, NPQSL and NPQML will OPEN again on 1st February 2018. Potential applicants will be able to download the NPQH information leaflet (PDF) and NPQH application form (MS Word) here.

From January 2018, the newly created National Professional Qualification for Executive Leadership (NPQEL) will be  available by application to our Teaching School partner, Learners First

Please visit GOV.UK for further details about Professional Development for School Leaders, as well as to view the National Frameworks and the full list of NPQ licensed providers; all of which were published on the GOV.UK website at the end of October 2017.

Read more below about the National Professional Qualifications offered by LLF TSA and The Humber Teaching School and the NPQ Privacy Notice.

Visit the National Professional Qualifications pages on this website.


Page Updated: 9 January 2018