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 Keep Informed

Keep Informed - December 2017

  • National Professional Qualifications (NPQML/NPQSL) – APPLY NOW!
  • Professional Learning Events in 2018 - APPLY NOW!
  • School Partnership Programme with EDT - STARTS SPRING 2018!
  • Annual Partnership Report 2016-17 – OUT NOW!
  • National Professional Qualifications (NPQML/NPQSL) – Apply Now!

LLF TSA with The Humber Teaching School is pleased to announce that they have been awarded DfE accredited NPQ provider status for the delivery of National Professional Qualifications (NPQ) over the next three years. NPQML, NPQSL and NPQH will be available to schools during this period.

The application window for January 2018 start will close on Friday 5th January 2017.

You can APPLY NOW for places on one or more of the following:  National Professional Qualifications for Middle Leadership (NPQML),  Senior Leadership (NPQSL) in 2017-18 and for Headship (NPQH) in 2018-19  (2 term programme) now by e-mailing the LLF TSA office:

  • Apply Now for Professional Learning Events in 2018

Professional Learning programmes and application windows are  open for booking. Applications can be made online or by post/fax to the TSA Events Office. Please visit the Events page on the LLF website for more information.

For more information and to apply: please apply using our online form or telephone 01724 842960.

  • School Partnership Programme (EEF Funded) – Last Call!

SPP is an Education Development Trust service.  Education Development Trust (Ed Dev Trust to our friends) is an international not-for-profit organisation which transforms lives by improving education around the world, working with governments, donor agencies and schools directly to drive improvements in a huge range of contexts.

Why join the trial?

In summary:

  • 4 days of high-quality leadership training and 2 days of impact support for leaders at all levels that will develop their capacity and capability in peer review and school-to-school support.
  • Technical skills and culture embedded across schools, clusters and the wider local system to embed a culture of continuous and sustainable improvement.
  • Participation in a national approach to peer review and collaborative improvement that 800 schools are already part of.

What will it cost?

  • Thanks to substantial EEF funding, the per school contribution is just one primary pupil premium payment for the full 3-year project.
  • In return, schools will be expected to work closely with EDT and the independent evaluators from UCL Institute of Education to deliver the programme faithfully, and provide information needed for the evaluation (interviews, surveys, school data etc.).

Who can take part?

  • Only state schools in England can take part who, have not previously been involved in SPP.
  • For clusters (of between 3-7 schools) – individual schools cannot sign up.
  • The trial will evaluate KS2 outcomes so there must be at least 3 primary schools in every cluster taking part (secondary schools are welcome to take part in the project but their outcomes won’t be part of the evaluation).

For more information and to register your interest: please visit School Partnership Programme or e-mail

Annual Partnership Report Published

The Annual Partnership Report of LLF TSA was published in October 2017. It details the work of the Teaching School Alliance over the past twelve months from 1st September 2016 to 31st August 2017. The report can be read here.

LLF TSA Partnership Growing Fast

LLF TSA is delighted to welcome a new partner,  Fluent Coaching Ltd.  At the beginning of Sept 2017, our membership consists of twenty-nine (29) full partner schools and educational organisations. In addition, our membership consists of sixty (62) associate schools and educational organisations, taking the total TSA membership to eighty-nine (91).

LLF TSA is also pleased to announce that it is working closely with The Humber Teaching School in the promotion and delivery of Initial Teacher Training, Professional Learning & Professional Support and with Huntington School, York and KYRA Teaching School, both National Research Schools, in terms of Research & Development.

Bishop Grosseteste University, Hull University and York St John University are our Higher Education Institution (HEI) Strategic Partners, focused especially on supporting the delivery of Initial Teacher Training . Initial Teacher Training places for 2017-18 trainees are being provided by Bishop Grosseteste University, Hull University with The Axholme Academy, North Lincolnshire SCITT and York St John University with LLF TSA. The current table of partners and associates can be viewed here.

Specialist Support for your School is Available Now!

 Leading Learning Forward TSA is pleased to announce that Professional Support is available now to assist school improvement priorities. Support for school leadership is provided by the TSA’s team of experienced Local Leaders of Education (LLE), whilst our team of Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE) is available to provide individual and team support in areas including:

Literacy & English – Phonics – Science - ICT & Computing – Music - Numeracy & Mathematics – Special Educational Needs – Early Years – Primary – Secondary - Behaviour Management  & more besides.    

Please contact the TSA office or visit the relevant pages on this website for more information. Requests for support can be made by completing the online form.

Current Partners

The current updated list of partners of the Leading Learning Forward TSA is as follows (updated on 1.8.17):

  • Alkborough Primary School
  • Bishop Grosseteste University: Higher Education Institution (HEI) Partner
  • Brumby Junior School
  • Bushfield Road Infant School
  • Castledyke Primary School
  • Crosby Primary School
  • Coritani Academy (formerly YPEC) 
  • East Halton Primary School
  • Fluent Coaching Ltd
  • Frodingham Infant School
  • Goxhill Primary School 
  • Humber Teaching School (Strategic Partner)
  • Huntcliff School
  • Hull University (Strategic ITT Partner)
  • Lincoln Gardens Primary School
  • North Lincolnshire Council: Lead Strategic Partner
  • North Lincolnshire Museum Service & Normanby Hall
  • North Lincolnshire Initial Teacher Training (SCITT)
  • North Lincolnshire Children’s Therapy Service (NHS)
  • Oakfield Primary School
  • St Barnabas C of E Primary School
  • St Martin's Church of England Primary School
  • St Hugh’s School: A National Teaching School
  • St Luke’s Primary School
  • The Axholme Academy
  • The St Lawrence Academy 
  • Sir John Nelthorpe School
  • West Butterwick Church of England Primary School
  • Westcliffe Primary School
  • York St John University (Strategic ITT Partner)

Professional Learning 2017-18 and beyond

Leading Learning Forward TSA is pleased to announce the publication of the latest Professional Learning programme.  Details of all events, together with charges and details of how to apply  can be found in the Events section of this website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is School-to-School Support?

School-to-School Support is an effective way to help schools, departments and individual school staff to improve practice, make progress and raise levels of attainment for learners. It provides opportunities for mutual school visits supported by a Local Leader of Education (LLE)or a Specialist Leader of Education (SLE). So, if you are looking for support, if you have a teacher who would benefit from one-to-one support or a group of teachers who need help and advice; if you want to raise standards in your school, improve teaching quickly and effectively or need support to improve leadership and management across the school, then School-to-School Support is what you need! 

Leading Learning Forward TSA, led by St Hugh’s School as the National Teaching School is responsible for appointing and deploying Local Leaders of Education (LLE) and Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE) to ensure that school-to-school support is provided effectively, efficiently and in line with national standards.

What are Local Leaders of Education (LLE)?

Local Leaders of Education (LLE) are experienced headteachers of successful schools, who have been appointed through a local application and assessment process by LLF TSA in association with Teaching Schools Council.

What are Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE)?

Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE) are outstanding middle and senior leaders in positions below Headteacher. They include deputy and assistant Headteachers, subject leaders, pastoral leaders and school business managers, with at least two years’ experience in a particular field of expertise and a successful track record, supported by substantial evidence of impact, of working effectively within their own school and/or across a group of schools. They have been appointed through a local application and assessment process run by the TSA in association with the Teaching Schools Council.

Join Us! Become a Full Member of LLF TSA!

Applications are invited from schools, colleges and academies as well as any other individual or organisations which would like to join Leading Learning Forward TSA.

For further information and to request visit, please phone 01724 842960, email or fill in the membership application or enquiry form  on this website.

Thank you to everyone who has contacted in recent months. We look forward to growing our partnership with you and the rest of the Alliance in the future.

Meeting Schedule in 2018

Meeting Date Time Venue
Spring 2018      
Planning Action Group Wednesday 7 February 1.30 pm LDC
System Leaders  Wednesday 7 March 4.00 pm St Hugh's
Summer 2018      
Strategic Board with Alliance Partners Thursday 26 April 1.30 pm LDC
Planning Action Group Thursday 24 May 1.30 pm LDC
System Leaders Thursday 14 June 4.00 pm St Hugh's
Strategic Board Thursday 12 July 10.00 am St Hugh's

Leading Learning Forward TSA Contacts

If you would like to get involved in the work of the TSA, then please contact the people below.  

Chair of  Strategic Board  & Alliance Partnership   Tracy Millard   St Hugh’s
 PA  to Teaching School Headteacher    Justina Jones     St Hugh’s
TSA Events Administrator       Catherine Thompson   TSA Office
TSA Strategy & Operations    David Eaton         TSA Office

For further information, membership enquiries or to request an initial visit, please phone the Teaching School on 01724 842960 or email:

The official newsletter of the Leading Learning Forward TSA is published at least once a term. Update e-mails are sent out to partner schools and associate members at regular intervals by the Teaching School as the need arises.

Page Updated: 11 December 2017