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About LLF Education Partnership

Thank you for your interest in joining Leading Learning Forward Education Partnership. Any organisation may apply. Two types of partnership are offered, as listed below.

Full Partnership 

Full membership of LLF Education Partnership is for schools and organisations which will be regularly working together to support each other's professional development. Typically, these schools and organisations will be located within the geographical remit of LLF Education Partnership, although there may be exceptions where LLF Education Partnership is building opportunities for collaborative learning. Full membership brings with it a number of benefits, rewards as well as the opportunity to attend a range of LLF Education Partnership events at a discounted rate. 

Associate Partnership 

Associate membership of LLF Education Partnership is for schools or institutions, such as HEIs working with one or more Alliance Partner organisations seeking to be kept informed of events and in future, which may interact with LLF Education Partnership in a limited way. Associate membership entitles colleagues from those schools or organisations to access some of the benefits of full LLF Education Partnership membership and to attend selected events at a discounted rate. 


Partnership benefits include:

  • Opportunities for trainee teachers in partner organisations to learn from some of the best teachers locally, supported by a culture of coaching and mentoring
  • School-based, classroom focused Initial Teacher Training and Professional Development tailored to the specific needs of staff in your organisation
  • Talented staff within partner organisations have increased offers opportunities to develop and share their practice, building their leadership skills and professional expertise
  • Collaborative approach to the sharing of teaching and leadership strategies and resources
  • Discounted access to LLF Professional Development courses and events

Partnership Enquiries 

Initial enquiries regarding membership may be made by telephoning the LLF Office at St Hugh's School or by email to or by completing the online General Enquiry Form.

Partnership Applications 

Partnership applications should be made either by completing the short online Partnership Application Form or by sending a completed membership application form by email to


The LLF Office will acknowledge receipt of your application by email and a current LLF partner will contact you to discuss your application.


Applications for membership are considered LLF Education Partnership at meetings held in December and July.

Successful Applications 

You will receive a letter from the LLF Office, welcoming you to the LLF Education Partnership, including details of the induction programme.

Unsuccessful Applications 

In the unlikely event that your application is unsuccessful, you will receive a letter from the LLF Office, communicating the reason for the decision. 

Please click here to fill out an online Partnership Enquiry Form or use the link below to download and print a copy.

Page updated: 1st September 2021