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To deliver the aims of the Teaching School Alliance, Research & Development projects  have focused on improving practice & attainment in one or more of the following areas:

  • Teaching
  • Leadership
  • Governance

Each project has been undertaken for the benefit of all learners within the schools, colleges and academies of North Lincolnshire and beyond.

Principles and Standards

The TSA’s Research & Development projects have been conducted and delivered in a professional manner in line with the policies, processes & protocols of Leading Learning Forward TSA namely to:

  • be outward facing, with honesty, trust and a shared moral purpose to get the best possible outcomes for all of our children and young people;
  • recognise, aspire to, celebrate and achieve excellence for all of its members;
  • be self-improving, focused on improving outcomes for all stakeholders and achieving excellent value;
  • be committed to effective CPD development that has the most impact on classroom practice and progress of students;
  • create a local, regional and national model of excellence which is innovative and impacts positively on educational landscape;
  • be rigorously focused on quality assurance standards and progress. 


The Alliance Partnership Group (APG) invited ideas and suggestions for R&D projects from the leaders and members of partner organisations and action groups and thus:

  • established an annual TSA programme of R&D projects and case studies
  • ensured that each action group maintained a programme of R&D projects/case studies according to an agreed timetable.e

Content and format of LLF TSA case studies

The case study projects were presented to the TSA March conference in the following format:

  • A PowerPoint project presentation of inspiring practice within TSA partner organisations which provides evidence of improving the effectiveness of the teaching, leadership and/or governance for and within the organisation(s)
  • An A4 summary written by the researcher/presenter of  the case study title/question/issue, methodology, project outline, recommendations and conclusions including contact details for further information or event bookings


Page updated: 4 September 2018