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Initial Teacher Training Events


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Initial Teacher Training is one of the themes that drive the work of the TSA. Teaching Schools are part of the Government’s drive to give schools more freedom and take increasing responsibility for managing the schools’ system. Teaching Schools identify and co-ordinate expertise from their alliance, using the best leaders and teachers to play a greater role in training new entrants to the profession. 

Train to Teach - Information for potential Initial Teacher Training applicants..

School Direct - Primary Programme (Lead School: St Hugh's - Provider: York St John University)

School Direct - Secondary Programme (Lead School: The Axholme Academy - Provider: Hull University)

Quick Reference Guide to Initial Teacher Training Programmes & Events

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  Initial Teacher Training & School Direct Applicants        
LLF.19.ITT ITT  Induction Workshops (for 2018-19 trainees) July 2018 0.5 day TBC Contact Office

Initial Teacher Training Applications for September 2019 start

(2019-20 School Year)

October 2018 1 year programme 31.8.19 Application window OPEN
  Newly Qualified Teachers        
LLF.19.NQT NQT Induction Launch  September 2018 0.5 day TBC Trainees only
LLF.19.NQT NQT Induction Training for Tutors September 2018 0.5 day TBC Tutors only
LLF.19.NQT NQT Induction & Support Programme September 2018 Various September 2017 Contact Office
  School-Based Trainers & Mentors        
LLF.19.SBT School-Based Trainer Training Day March 2019 0.5 day TBC Contact Office
LLF.19.SBT School-Based Trainer Training Day July 2019 1 day TBC Contact Office

Initial Teacher Training: Programmes & Events

      LLF TSA is offering the following programmes and events during 2018 and beyond:

 Initial Teacher Training (ITT)

ITT is offered in association with our accredited training partner, North Lincolnshire SCITT Partnership, and features School Direct training which is a school-led route into teaching.

School Direct trainees are attached to a host school for their training. They also spend at least seven weeks training in a contrasting partnership school. Other ITT courses are also available leading to the award of PGCE. For information on how to apply for initial teacher training, to become a partner school and to access information and support events, please click on the links above and below.

Programme Reference: LLF.ITT

Apply NOW for 2019-20 School Direct ITT places

Useful website links

School Direct Training (DfE website)

School Direct: Information for Schools (Government website)

UCAS Initial Teacher Training in Schools

North Lincolnshire SCITT Partnership

North Lincolnshire Council Website

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        Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) Induction & Support Programme 

NQT induction is offered as part of the professional development of Newly Qualified Teachers within North Lincolnshire’s valued and respected induction programme. The programme provides participants with ideas, solutions and support throughout their first year of teaching. Sessions are hosted and led by a variety of experienced teachers.

Programme reference: LLF.NQT

NQT Induction with North Lincolnshire Council
NQT Induction & Support with The Humber Teaching School & LLF TSA

NQT Induction Training (Primary) with Bishop Grosseteste University

NQT Induction Training (Secondary) with Bishop Grosseteste University



          School Based Trainer (SBT)

The SBT programme provides high quality, practical training for teachers in schools who are providing or intending to provide placements for ITT trainees or NQTs.The programme includes modules for those with a leadership responsibility as well as for those with a team or classroom responsibility. Sessions are led by experienced teachers and mentors. More information about how to join our SBT programme, please contact the TSA office.

Programme reference: LLF.SBT


Page updated: 4 September 2018