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Welcome to the NPQSL induction page. On this page, you will find information and links to the online resources for the induction event:

NPQSL Induction Event Resources: Autumn 2018

Date File Content Area Title of Resource Format Source
8 Oct IN.1 Induction Key slides for course participants PDF HUM-LLF
8 Oct IN.2 Induction NPQ content & assessment framework PDF DfE
8 Oct IN.3 Induction NPQ quality framework PDF DfE
8 Oct IN.4 Induction School inspection handbook: section 5 PDF Ofsted
8 Oct IN.5 Induction Inspections: clarification for schools PDF Ofsted
8 Oct IN.6 Induction Getting started in coaching (FREE) PDF 20Q
8 Oct IN.7 Induction Leadership action plan template Word 20Q
8 Oct IN.8 Induction Access to NPQ online resources (protocol) PDF HUM-LLF
8 Oct IN.9 Induction Access to Leadership 360 (protocol) PDF HUM-LLF
8 Oct IN.10 Induction Attendance and absence (protocols) PDF HUM-LLF
8 Oct IN.11 Induction Academic misconduct policy PDF HUM-LLF
8 Oct IN.12 Induction Task 1: school improvement project outline Word HUM-LLF
      Further Reading & Research Links    
8 Oct IN.13 Induction Teaching and learning toolkit Web EEF
8 Oct IN.14 Induction School themes - the big picture Web EEF
8 Oct IN.15 Induction 10 books for every school leader Web Integrity
8 Oct IN.16 Induction 33 books every teacher should read Web TES
8 Oct IN.17 Induction School improvement guidance Web GOV.UK


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