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Policies, Processes & Protocols

Leading Learning Forward Education Partnership has a number of key policies, processes and protocols which impact on the delivery of events and the conduct of the partnership. They are:

  • Code of Conduct & Practice
  • Policies, Processes & Protocols
  • Charging Policy
  • Safeguarding Policy

Code of Conduct & Practice

Leading Learning Forward Education Partnership has a set of key values and principles and values which underpin its work. Everyone who works on behalf of or within the remit of the partnership agrees to adhere to the following key principles:

  • To be outward facing, working with honesty, trust and a shared moral purpose to get the best possible outcomes for all of our children and young people;
  • To recognise, aspire to, celebrate and achieve excellence for all of its members;
  • To be self-improving, with its focus on improving outcomes for all stakeholders that achieves excellent value;
  • To be committed to delivering the most effective professional and leadership development that has the most impact on classroom practice and progress of students;
  • To contribute to local, regional and national partnerships which are innovative and impact positively on educational landscape;
  • To be rigorously focused on quality assurance standards and progress.

Policies, Processes & Protocols  

The full list of TSA policies, processes and protocols appears below. The documents will be published on this website during Septembe 2021.

No. Protocol Title Date Review 
1 Applications to Join Partnership 1.9.21 July 2022
2 Audit of Financial Accounts 1.9.21 July 2022
3 Charging for Events 1.9.21 July 2022
4 Code of Conduct & Practice (Roles & Responsibilities) 1.9.21 July 2022
5 Communications Policy and Procedures 1.9.21 July 2022
6 Complaints Policy and Procedures 1.9.21 July 2022
7 Deployment and Contracts 1.9.21 July 2022
8 Equal Opportunities 1.9.21 July 2022
9 Financial Management 1.9.21 July 2022
10 Health and Safety 1.9.21 July 2022
11 Induction and Support 1.9.21 July 2022
12 Information and Data Management  1.9.21 July 2022
13 Initial Teacher Training (ITT) 1.9.21 July 2022
14 Meetings and Events  1.9.21 July 2022
15 Monitoring & Evaluation of Events 1.9.21 July 2022
16 Organisation of Events 1.9.21 July 2022
17 Presentations and Resources for Events 1.9.21 July 2022
18 Professional Development 1.9.21 July 2022
19 Quality Assurance 1.9.21 July 2022
20 Safeguarding 1.9.21 July 2022
21 Website Management 1.9.21 July 2022

Charging Policy

The purpose of the LLF Education Partnership's charging policy is to provide clear guidance to alliance partner organisations regarding the application of charges for consultancy and professional development events which are run on behalf of the Education Partnership.

The Education Partnership will agree and determine the charging policy on an annual basis and will review the policy, from time-to-time, as required.

The Business Manager at St Hugh's School is responsible for the application of the policy.

Safeguarding Policy

Leading Learning Forward Education Partnership views the safety and welfare of all its children and workforce as of paramount importance. It takes seriously its responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of the children and young people in its care. LLF Education Partnership recognises that effective child protection work requires sound procedures, good inter-agency co-operation and a workforce that is competent and confident in responding to child protection situations.

Leading Learning Forward Education Partnership believes that all children have the right to be safeguarded against harm or exploitation whatever their:-

  • Race, religion, first language or ethnicity
  • Gender or sexuality
  • Age
  • Health or disability
  • Political or immigration status

We recognise our legal duty to safeguard all our children under Section 175 Education Act 2002. Our partner schools have safeguarding and child protection policies  in place that have been agreed by the respective governing bodies and known to all staff.

Duty of Partner Organisations

Each partner organisation will ensure that the:

  • safety and well-being of children are paramount
  • children will be listened to
  • children will be respected
  • children will be understood within their own culture and racial origin
  • children feel secure and are valued
  • school has a range of adults that children can approach for help
  • staff recognise the signs and symptoms of suspected abuse
  • procedures and lines of communication are clear
  • school works closely with parents and other agencies
  • children at risk are monitored and supported
  • curriculum is used to raise children's awareness and build confidence
  • safeguarding (Child Protection) training is regularly updated for all staff


Page updated: 1st September 2021