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School-to-School Support is an effective way to help schools, departments and individual school staff to improve practice, make progress and raise levels of attainment for learners. It provides opportunities for mutual school visits supported by Local Leaders of Education (LLE) or Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE).

So, if you are looking for support, if you have a teacher who would benefit from one-to-one support or a group of teachers who need help and advice; if you want to raise standards in your school or improve teaching quickly and effectively or need support to improve leadership and management across the school, then school-to-school support is what you need!  

Leading Learning Forward TSA, led by St Hugh’s School as a National Teaching School, is responsible for appointing and deploying LLEs and SLEs to ensure that school-to-school support is provided effectively, efficiently and in line with national standards.

Making a request for School-to-School Support

1. Identify your need/area for improvement. It is helpful to identify the area for improvement in terms of teaching and learning or leadership and management or achievement or behaviour management.

2. Contact Tracy Millard at St Hugh’s by telephone on 01724 842960 or by email to discuss your requirements for school-to-school support.

3. Complete the School-to-School Support Request Form on this website.

After making a request for School-to-School Support?

The deployment of an LLE or SLE will be negotiated by Tracy Millard on behalf of the Teaching School Alliance, between the school to be supported and the SLE home school under the following process. Leading Learning Forward TSA, through the National Teaching School, will: 

1.    Liaise with the LA, where applicable, when support is requested.

2.    Match school/team requests to LLE/SLE expertise.

3.    Maintain communications with LLEs/SLEs and the hosting school to check progress with their work.

4.    Maintain accurate records of deployment and evaluations – and provide appropriate summaries on request.

5.    Provide LLE/SLE induction, effective communication channels, supervision and professional development.

Charges for School-to-School Support

Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE) are usually deployed at a cost to the school requesting support on a daily or half-day rate, which is paid to the TSA to cover supply and administration costs only. Local Leaders of Education (LLE) are deployed, under the same conditions. Charges may vary depending upon the size of school and are negotiable. For more information, please refer to our Charging Policy or contact Tracy Millard at St Hugh's.


Page updated: 1 June 2021