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Vision & Values

Our Vision

Leading Learning Forward Teaching School Alliance (LLF TSA), under the leadership of St Hugh’s National Teaching School will work in partnership with The Humber Teaching School and other key strategic partners to deliver significant improvements in teaching, learning, behaviour, leadership and governance across schools, colleges and academies in North Lincolnshire and beyond.

LLF TSA, in partnership with The Humber Teaching School and other key strategic partners, will impact positively on the school improvement priorities of partner and associated schools, colleges and academies, by providing inspirational leadership and support for:

  • Initial Teaching Training (ITT): the recruitment, induction, training, assessment & employment of trainees seeking to enter the teaching profession;
  • Professional Learning (PL): the planning, co-ordination, delivery, assessment and evaluation of continuing professional development for teachers, teaching assistants, school staff, leaders and governors;
  • Professional Support (PS): the planning, commissioning, coordination, development and evaluation of school-to-school support for teachers, teaching assistants, school staff, leaders and governors by system leaders: - Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE), Local Leaders of Education (LLE), National Leaders of Education (NLE) and National Leaders of Governance (NLG).

We will achieve success by:

       Leading professional learning and development through

  • Excellent school-based initial teacher training and support
  • Excellent newly qualified teacher induction and support
  • Excellent training, coaching and mentoring for leaders, teachers and support staff

      Educating and engaging teachers, support staff and leaders through

  • Targeted marketing  and promotion of learning opportunities
  • Joint-observation and development of excellent school practice within and beyond the classroom
  • Effective use of joint-observation, coaching, mentoring, practice and reflection

      Achieving excellent levels of progress and attainment through

  • Provision of support and resources to drive school improvement
  • Opportunities for developing teaching, behaviour management and leadership experience
  • Collaboration and sharing of expertise within and beyond the classroom

      Delivering inspirational and sustainable training and support through

  • Appropriate school-to-school support
  • Excellent national, local and specialist leaders of education
  • Innovative and impactful research and development

Our Values

The TSA valuesaspiration – achievement – collaboration – education - excellence – experience - expertise – governance -innovation – impact - inspiration – leadership – learning – support - talent – teaching - trust

Our Motto

The TSA vision is driven by the motto: Leading Learning, Inspiring Achievement

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Page updated: 1 September 2020